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About Primal Remedies

Primal Remedies is a Family run Remedial Massage & Wellness Practice.


A founding husband & wife team who have over 13 years experience in treating muscular, nerve & joint pain as well as emotional Stress. Primal Remedies was first established in 2016 in Banyo to help treat local's suffering from Muscular pain & stress. As word of mouth spread around the area of high quality Remedial Massage and Stress Management the Banyo clinic became quite popular over the first 12 months of opening. Primal Remedies then expanded with a additional clinic in Kallangur in 2017. Primal Remedies is a family friendly clinic treating all walks of life aiming for the best possible results in pain & stress management.

The Primal Remedies Team

The Primal Remedies Team

Chelsea Hollis-Neath
Ramon Smith

For many years, Chelsea has been passionate about bringing Remedial Therapies & Holistic Health together. In her 10+ years of experience in the field, she has found that even though our muscular systems can suffer from physical activity, health conditions and postural issues, our emotional and mental stressors also contribute to the dysfunction to our physical form.

Chelseas favourite treatment style includes combining stretching techniques, (PNF & MET), Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Palpation Techniques & Energy Therapy. 

"I find that if I focus on getting the stretching & more sensitive techniques sorted at the beginning of the session, the less invasive remedial techniques allow my clients to  relax on a deeper level helping reduce their mental stress."

Chelsea will be running regular Meditation Groups & Workshops in the future in hopes to provide the community with tools to find balance in multiple aspects of life.

Health Fund Registered

Dip. Remedial Massage Therapy Practice HLT50307

Cert. Meditation Teaching & Human Holistic Development

Master Siechem Reiki Practitioner

In 2010, Ramon commenced study in Remedial Massage with his long awaited goal to pursue a career in the Natural Health Industry. After learning more about the positive effects of Remedial Massage Therapy and its amazing results, he continued to learn and develop his own unique and effective treatment style combining dry and oil techniques to reduce muscular pain and increase range of motion.

Ramons addition of Dry Needling to his portfolio of specialised techniques are proving to be a real hit throughout North Brisbane with clients raving about the effectiveness of his treatments.

Health Fund Registered​ Dip. Remedial Massage Therapy Practice HLT50307

Cert. Dry Needling Practice

Master Siechem Reiki Practitioner

Kallangur, North Brisbane Q

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