Energy Therapy & Wellness

Reflexology Therapy
Reiki Treatment

Stress is a well known companion is the busy modern world, Our services aim to not only treat the physical body but the energetic body as well.

Reflexology is a ancient Chinese acupressure massage usually but not limted to the feet. The stimulation helps improve circulation, reduce stress and restore the natural flow of energy within your body, The reflex points for the entire body's organs & senses are all found at various points within the feet.

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that promotes energetic balance, healing and cleansing. When we experience negative feelings whether it be relating to our environment, encounters with certain people or a build up of stressful energy over time, it can get absorbed into our energy system.

Over time, the negative energy builds and may cause feelings of exhaustion, fatigue, increased stress levels and general unhappiness.

The treatment consists of the therapist placing hands on certain energy points and parts of the body to draw out negative or blocked energy so that the natural life force energy can flow clearly. During a treatment you will experience peaceful sensations, waves of heat through the hands as the energy flows though as well as possible pain relief and internal energetic shifts.