Remedial Hot Stone Therapy 

This particular technique provides a fusion between the benefits of a normal remedial massage where work is done to smooth muscles and fascia, (the key for a optimization in the massage outcomes), plus the perks that hot stone massage can provide to the body.

Using the amazing heat factor of the hot stone we are able to relax a painful area before actually applying any therapeutic technique on it. This facilitates the affected area to be able to relax and be more welcomed for the remedial aspect of it. This has a great impact minimising the pain during a remedial massage. The heat also acts as a booster for the healing process since it is going to improve circulation on the body which helps the immune system. Remedial Hot Stone Massage is a great technique for people who want to get work done however feel reluctant in relation to the pain that they may feel or have felt during a normal massage session.


The main benefits of Remedial Massage include:

- Improvement of circulation and lymph flow

- Decreases stress

- Reduces blood pressure

- Eases muscle tension reduces soreness and alleviates stiffness

- Encourages the release of endorphins

- Dramatically reduces toxins and wastes stored in your body tissues

Hot Stone Massage