We are excited to officially launch our Wellness Studio!


'Return to the Self' Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra & Sound Immersion 

Many of us have had fleeting moments of connection to the Self. The part of the Self that knows no fear, that is infinitely loving, wise, and intuitive, that knows all that ever matters is love. And then the inevitable stress of life happens and we find ourselves moving further and further away from that Self. All of a sudden, we become so caught up in what needs to get done, maybe fears about the future, maybe how we’re not doing or being enough, and that sense of deep inner alignment isn’t at the forefront anymore.  Sometimes all we need is time for ourselves ~ away from everything else ~ to remember the infinite love that has been there all along. 


This ‘Return to the Self’ Restorative Yoga event is all about taking the time for ourselves to come home to who we truly are when everything else is stripped away.


Enjoy 2.5hrs of self-exploration, deep relaxation, and bringing yourself back into alignment. It’s about showing up to nurture yourself so that you can then nurture the world.  Incorporating Restorative yoga postures with supportive props, Yoga Nidra, Meditation, Sound Immersion and Reiki, you’ll be guaranteed an opportunity to completely rest, realign and return to the self.


The practice will conclude with tea / coffee, light refreshements and an opportunity to chat and connect.


Pricing: Purchase 1 x single ticket - $60 each or Bring a friend or family member and SAVE $5 per ticket!

Purchase two or more tickets - $55 each

Spaces are limited!


To experience this truly nurturing practice, please DM me to book your mat space and make payment to:

Account Name: Kellie Alig

BSB Number: 124033

Account Number: 22560916

Payment Reference: (insert your name) __________________________________

I will confirm your mat space upon receipt of payment. Please note that payment MUST be made prior to the event as no ticket sales are available at the door.

Please note: Payment is Non-Transferable