Welcome to Snap Treatments! Primal Remedies fantastic new addition for people looking to reduce muscle pain FAST. 

What are Snap Treatments?

Snap is a fully clothed oil free treatment designed to treat those suffering from neck, shoulder, lower back & hip pain. Specifically aimed at reducing pain relief quickly, we use Remedial Massage techniques without the fuss! 

Get great results fast!


No messy oils

Remain fully clothed

Affordable Pain Relief 

20 Minute Treatments


After your consultation & range of motion test, you will be positioned on a treatment table or chair.

Standard treatments usually consist of Compression & Stretching Techniques, Acupressure & Trigger Point Therapy, Mobilization & Muscle Energy Techniques.  

Treatments take 20 Minutes with the option to include a tailored stretching program just for you!

Affordable Pain Relief 

Affordable muscle pain treatment that wont break the bank!

Standard treatments are only $29.95 with your first treatment only $19.95 (Limted time only)


With over 8 years experience in treating muscular pain, Ramon has a friendly professional personality and a great reputation in treating clients of all walks of life around the North Lakes, Kallangur & Banyo communities. 

As a qualified and registered RMT you can be sure you & your family are in good hands.



Call us to check for SNAP availability