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Online Meditation with Chelsea

Meditation Class

A Message from your Meditation Teacher


Just take a moment...for you. A moment for you to focus on your own wellbeing, where nothing else matters, where you have no other place to be other than right where you are in this moment

Meditation is not about switching off on the first go. It is a process. It takes time and you can succeed with practice and commitment. 

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Meditation Class
Image by Chastagner Thierry

Exploring Meditation

Chelsea will use an array of Meditation techniques that may vary from each online class. These are all aimed to help clear your mind and calm your heart such as:

Progressive Muscle Relaxation Meditation: to encourage you be more conscious of where you are holding tension in your body and practice gaining control of releasing tension through breathwork and gentle facial and hand movements


Guided Visual Meditation: you may be taken on a visual journey to help you maintain focus and settle any excessive mind chatter


Mindfulness Meditation: increasing awareness of thoughts, body reactions and emotion


Chakra Rebalance Meditation: A colourful visual guided meditation to encourage our emotional energy centres to regain balance.


Positive Self-Talk/Affirmations: A powerful tool to help retrain your mind to calm negative thinking and regain your personal power to lead to a happier and more balanced mindset. These are normally not spoken out loud in these particular classes..


Sound Chemistry: During the session you will experience the incredible vibrational healing effects of crystal bowl sound healing along with a variety of gentle instruments to compliment the sound bath component of the meditation.

When & Where?
Chelsea is currently exploring the option of Online Meditation Classes. Follow or Like our Facebook Page to keep up to date with upcoming events. 

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