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One Meditation Style To Use To Kickstart Your Journey of Calm

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

So many of our wonderful and busy clients we have had discussions with in regards to their meditation journey tend to have one common thing to say..."I can't switch off."

Okay let's get something straight. You can't give meditation a go one time and completely switch of your thoughts, and if you can. I must meet you so that I can pick your brain.

Start small is all I can say. A great style of meditation to begin with is Concentrative Meditation. By looking and observing at an object for a certain amount of time we can narrow our focus and gradually tune out from our surroundings or busy thoughts. Take a candle flame for instance. Unpredictable, dancing, fearless, gently flickering in the gentle breeze. When we just stop and pay attention to something so mesmerizing like a candle flame, we start to quieten out mind. Take 5 Minutes to explore concentrative meditation. This style can be challenging as this is where we begin retraining our brain. You can also join our online program, 7 Days to Discovering Your Ideal Meditation Style here

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